Richard Miller

Chief Executive Officer
Richard Miller has served as an Officer and Director of Jupiter Wellness, Inc. since October 2018 and served as Jupiter’s Chief Financial Officer from November 2018 until August 2019 as well as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer. Mr. Miller has managed SRM since it was acquired by Jupiter Wellness in November 2020. Since 2003, Mr. Miller has served as president of Caro Consulting, Inc. a consulting firm that advises emerging growth companies. Over the last twenty years Mr. Miller has provided strategic advice to hundreds of companies across diverse industries. He has assisted C Level executives with expanding, financing and other challenges emerging companies face. Mr. Miller co-founded of Teeka Tan Suncare Products in 2004 and oversaw the development, design and launch of a diverse sun care product line along with the public offering of the company. He is an advocate for school safety and local schools through his grass roots group My School Counts.

Taft Flittner

Taft Flittner co-founded Options, Inc. in 1991 and served as its President until July 2021. Options was a successful manufacturer’s sales rep firm located in Orlando, Florida serviced the theme park industry along with South Eastern gift and sales marketplace. At Options, Mr. Flittner developed custom theme park products which included toys, gifts, souvenirs and confections. Options maintained approximately twenty sales associates and a showroom in AmericasMart located in Atlanta Georgia. Mr. Flittner has served as President of SRM since 2021. In addition to his manufacturer’s sales firm, Mr. Flittner has developed many internationally known toys, souvenirs and gifts for the theme park industry. Mr. Flittner currently lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife and two boys.

Douglas O. McKinnon

Chief Financial Officer
Douglas O. McKinnon has served as the Chief Financial officer of Jupiter Wellness, Inc. since August 15, 2019. Mr. McKinnon served as the Chief Executive Officer of AppYea, Inc. since March 2016. Mr. McKinnon served as a director of Surna, Inc. since March, 2014 and as Surna’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since April, 2014. Prior to Surna, Inc., Mr. McKinnon served as Chief Executive Officer of 1st Resource Group, Inc. for four years. Mr. McKinnon's 35+ year professional career includes financial, advisory, and operation experience across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including oil and gas, technology, cannabis, and communications. He served in C-level positions in both private and public sectors, including Chairman and CEO of an American-Stock-Exchange traded company, VP - Chief Administrative Officer of a $12-billion market cap Nasdaq-traded company for which the management team raised over $2.2 billion, CFO of several publicly-held US, Canadian, and Australian companies, and CEO/CFO of various other private enterprises. As an entrepreneur, Mr. McKinnon has been involved in organizations ranging from start-up companies using venture capital funding to publicly traded institutional backed companies. Additionally, Mr. McKinnon has extensive merger and acquisition, and turnaround experience.

Debbie McDaniel-Hand

Vice President of Product Development & Operations
Debbie McDaniel-Hand has worked in the Theme Park Industry for over 35 years. Prior to joining SRM, Ms. Hand was with Universal Studios Theme Parks for more than 20 years. During that time, she managed hardline product development, served as a liaison for the merchandising office with marketing and sales, and was responsible for initiating universal sourcing. Ms. Hand has served in this capacity with SRM since March 2021. In addition, Ms. Hand customized and developed items, learning manufacturing processes, and built relationships with different production factories worldwide. Before joining Universal Studios, she was with Anheuser Busch Theme Parks and SeaWorld Orlando for more than 10 years. She was the hardline buyer overseeing purchasing of gifts, toys and products for all sales stores. Ms. Hand currently lives with her husband in Orlando, Florida.