About SRM Entertainment

Who we are

SRM is a trusted toy and souvenir designer and developer, selling into the world’s largest theme parks and entertainment venues.

Our business is built on the principle that almost everyone is a fan of something and the evolution of pop culture is leading to increasing opportunities for fan loyalty. We create whimsical, fun and unique products that enable fans to express their affinity for their favorite “something”—whether it is a movie, TV show, favorite celebrity, or favorite restaurant. We infuse our distinct designs and aesthetic sensibility into a wide variety of product categories, including figures, plush, accessories, apparel, and homewares. With our unique style, expertise in pop culture, broad product distribution and highly accessible price points, we have developed a passionate following for our products that has underpinned our growth. We believe we sit at the nexus of pop culture—content providers value us for our broad network of retail customers, retailers value us for our portfolio of pop culture products and pop culture insights, and consumers value us for our distinct, stylized products and the content they represent.

Pop culture pervades modern life and almost everyone is a fan of something. Today, more quality content is available and technology innovation has made content accessible anytime, anywhere. As a result, the breadth and depth of pop culture fandom resembles, and in many cases exceeds, the type of fandom previously associated only with sports. Everyday interactions at home, work or with friends are increasingly influenced by pop culture.

We have invested strategically in our relationships with key constituents in pop culture. Content providers value us for our broad network of retail customers and retailers value us for our pop culture products, pop culture insights and ability to drive consumer traffic. Consumers, who value us for our distinct, stylized products, remain at the center of everything we do.

Content Providers

We have licensing relationships with many established content providers, and our products appear in venues such as Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Imagine Exhibitions and other retailers. We currently have licenses with Smurfs and Zoonicorn LLC, from which we can create multiple products based on each character within. Content providers trust us to create unique, stylized extensions of their intellectual property that extend the relevance of their content with consumers through ongoing engagement, helping to maximize the lifetime value of their content.

Retail Channels

We can provide our retail customers a customized product mix designed to appeal to their particular customer bases. Theme parks and the entertainment industry recognize the opportunity presented by the demand for pop culture products and are continuing to dedicate space to our products and the pop culture category. We believe meaningful traffic to our products will continue because our products have their own built-in fan base, are refreshed regularly creating a “treasure hunt” shopping experience for consumers and are often supplemented with exclusive products that are at the forefront of pop culture.


Fans are increasingly looking for ways to express their affinity for and engage with their favorite pop culture content. Over time, many of our consumers evolve from occasional buyers to more frequent purchasers, whom we categorize as enthusiasts or collectors. We create products to appeal to a broad array of fans across consumer demographic groups—men, women, boys and girls—not a single, narrow demographic. We currently offer an array of products that sell across several categories. Our products are generally priced between $2.50 and $50.00, which allows our diverse consumer base to express their fandom frequently and impulsively. We continue to introduce innovative products designed to facilitate fan engagement at different price points and styles.

We have developed a nimble and low-fixed cost production model. The strength of our management team and relationships with content providers, retailers and third-party manufacturers allows us to move from product concept to a new product tactfully. As a result, we can dynamically manage our business to balance current content releases and pop culture trends with timeless content based on classic movies, such as Harry Potter or Star Wars. This has allowed us to deliver significant growth while lessening our dependence on individual content releases.