Our History

SRM Entertainment develops, manufactures and supplies the worldwide amusement park industry with unique and exclusive products…

SRM principally produces battery-operated products for theme parks and entertainment venues, such as Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Stores, Universal Resorts, SeaWorld, Sesame Place, Busch Gardens, Merlin Entertainment and Madison Square Garden.

SRM has developed products in conjunction with suppliers of products for core licenses, such as Harry Potter, Frozen, Marvel and Star Wars. SRM develops and distributes toys, plush and hydration products to retailers worldwide. SRM develops product strategies in order to bring product concepts to reality.

The pop culture industry is being driven by several major forces. Technology advances have made it easier to access, consume and engage with content. Content providers have produced more quality content to drive fan engagement, often with a focus on franchise driven products. Dedicated, active and enduring fan bases have emerged across the pop culture landscape. These fans seek out opportunities to interact with their favorite content and with like-minded fans through social media and content-centric experiences. At the same time, social norms have shifted, making fandom culturally accepted and mainstream. These trends reinforce one another leading to a substantial increase in pop culture fandom and to significant growth in the industry.

We both supply and have relationships with the amusement park industry and is a trusted toy and souvenir designer and developer, selling into the world’s largest theme parks and entertainment venues. SRM has developed, manufactured and supplied the entertainment and amusement park industry with exclusive products such as toys, light up, plush, fans and much more. These exclusive products are often only available to consumers inside the relevant amusement park, entertainment venues, and theme hotels in the United States, China, Japan, and throughout the worldwide theme park industry.